Mark Saydah, MCLP, MCH

Mark Saydah is an entrepreneur with a business & horticultural background and has been running Whole Earth Landscape and Design since 1989.

Mark earned the MCLP certification in 1994 and the MCH in 2003. He is a past board member and co-founder of the ELA and a member of MNLA. He has completed training in various degreed programs in Horticulture, Landscape Construction and Design.

As a local authority on the subject of landscape design and low maintenance landscaping, Mark has spoken at many community venues including Massachusetts Audubon’s Drumlin Farms, Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Ecological Landscape Association Conferences and the New England Wildflower Society.

Mark’s projects demonstrate that most maintenance requirements in the landscape are as a result of hasty design. Through effective problem solving and thoughtful design, a landscape will look more natural and will require less time and money to maintain and will use less natural resources.

Mark’s field laboratory is in Harvard where he lives with his family.